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Isn’t it funny how a chance meet or a glance for maybe just a second can play out a whole life in someone’s mind. A whole story played out in someone’s mind of a life time like it’s already happened or it’s written in stone however it’s only played out in someone’s else’s mind maybe in both but neither will ever know. Like a dream that falls only into the stars path, that the moon only see’s but never speaks of. A lone page of a story but yet it only was a glanced or a chance meet for a half a second that the mind made it out into a whole story. Time can stand still but the hand moves and the story is hiding in the back of the pile, in the darkness of the old books in a library waiting to be picked a read but maybe never will be. Each moment counts, each glance can mean a thousand years. Live each story. Play out each page cause when the moment is over you could have missed out on the precious memory.

 You backed a winner, and as you can see from lastnights Charity do so did we ‘OnlyOneNeilLennon

@Chansie @MaintainHarmony @TerraHealing @MABBHHPaF @LifeILove247 @betsyzel @VaIe_Arg @JennsWave @Juliet__78 @Ninja_na_ @VVilelyn To all you ladies…i think this song just speaks my words Namaste xxx  Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video) (by lovemspenny)

One tree stands alone in a field of dry dirt and no sign of water, One tree stands alone yet its leaves are full of green. Its branches grow and multiply. It lives and breaths in beauty amongst the ugly grey and brown background. Yet its a picture of beauty,its leaves rich and green. And under ground its roots do spread and are never leaving its home.

For this one tree so beautiful it makes the land seem worthy to grow and bloosom like it does. The tree of life or the tree of ourselves for we too have our roots and if like the tree against all odds be free, grow free, bloosom free, live free and smile from within, we too can make this land of ours and us beautiful, free and happy.

While my eyes begin to close, their blanket of darkness slowly seeps in. But behind my lids the darkness comes alive as i being to drift into the dream. But is it a dream or is it my life? Or is reality just really the dream? And which life do i lead ones that have passed, ones that i now live or one that i visit in the time machine of sleep.The only real reality i ever see is the Moon at night in each one. The sun does change, the sky does fade but the Moon never differs. So a thought to each when you go to bed as you sink into your dream state. Can you feel and touch whats all around and if so how do we know what is a dream and what is real. But in our hearts we must be happy, our soul be free and for both the soar high. It is then you know of reality cause if the heart is happy, the soul is free, our light within shines through the darkness to show us our lives as we dream, then we will know what life we lead as being True, Happy and Free is the life we should all should feel.

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